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Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka

Crumple Zone (2010)

Crumple Zone is a term used in the car industry and defines the part of the vehicle which deforms (crumples) when hit in a collision. Despite appearances, the car which crumples more is safer than the one which has a rigid frame and does not lose its form and shape.
The objects presented at this exhibition are somehow distorted - rickety, crooked and unstable. Their legs or whole bodies are twisted; crumpled armchairs, sacks and pillows in solidified forms look as if they were hurt in a battle. This is the first impression. The second one is different: bent and wobbly, the items seem to contain a sort of fragility and precision of an origami, but also dynamics and spontaneity of a force that hit them. Others on the contrary, are glued and stuck together from other objects. All of them contain a special kind of energy which affects their identity.

Designers: AZE Design (PL), Bas van der Veer (NL), Bertjan Pot (NL), Brunno Jahara (BRA), Cappellini (IT), David Dolcini & Vittorio Venezia (IT), e27 (DE), Flip Sellin (DE), Foscarini (IT), Form Us With Love (SE), Frank Willems (NL), Inside (IT), Kompott (PL), Kosmos Project (PL), Kraud (DE), mottoWasabi (FIN), PLecy (AZe Design + Beton) (PL), Sebastian Jansson (FIN), Serhan Gurkan (Turcja), TAF (SE).