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Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka

Design Tales (2009)


Nobody ever tells tales to grownups. No-one except objects. The exhibition presents items which cannot be defined as industrial design - those are narrative objects. They are not at all universal, they do not care about the needs of a mass consumer. If they are produced in series, then those are very short ones - rather crafted and manufactured, so that each item is slightly different than the next. They are personal, and often awkward. The designers whom I invited to participate in the exhibition go against mass unification. They go their own path. The objects they design bear a sign of their creators’ personality and sensitivity. You sometimes get the impression that these objects live their own lives, beyond the control of their creator. By the emotions transferred into the object, the designers can communicate with the users, and show their vision of the world. They often refer to associations and cliches, surprise, amuse and irritate us. They force us to ask questions about the divisions between art and design, decorative and functional object, a mass product and a one-off. But last but not least, they draw us into their story. Invite us to the world on the other side of the mirror.

Designers: Agnieszka Bar (PL), Agnieszka Lasota (PL), Alessandro Dubini (CH), BCXSY (Izrael), Bogdan Kosak (PL), Elisa Strozyk (DE), Hommin (Tajwan), Ibride (FR), Ieva Laurina (LV), Karina Marusińska (PL), Lapolka (PL), Maarten de Ceulaer (B), Magdalena Trzcionka (PL), Malafor (PL), Monika Jarg (EE), Pieke Bergmans (NL), Pudelskern (AT), Joanna Rusin / Agnieszka Czop (PL), Smarin (FR), Tom Price (GB), Weltevree (NL).