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Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka

Play and Joke (2008)


The exhibition shown at the second edition of the Lodz Design Festival (2008) presented works of 40 young European designers. Almost nothing industrial, the majority of items being non-commercial, often uncompromising prototypes. Their authors belong to the multimedia generation, independent on the geographical boundaries - an international society devoted to a common idea.
The common denominator of the exhibition is play, understood in manifold ways. The game of the designer, who uses trivial objects as material, such as disposable dishes and cups, worn-out banners, abandoned furniture. The play of the user, who in order to amuse himself with the product, first has to assemble it, understand the idea of the designer, and overcome the clumsiness of his fingers. Finally, the common play, game based on loose associations and defeating cliches and stereotypes, leading to temptation, astonishment and joke, understood by both parties. Design not only has to fulfill the needs, function and decorate. It has to amuse. It has to be a cultural and social manifest.

The exhibition documented a shift in the way how we understand and what we expect from design, objects and interiors. It has proven that not only form and function, but also values such as emotions, reflections, history told by the object, constitute the essence of design. It has underlined the growing division between “hard”, functional, industrial design and its “lighter”, decorative version.

Designers: Aleksandra Adamczyk, Aze Design, Bad Design, Pieke Bergamanas (NL), Beton-on, Beza, Ewa Bochen, Małgorzata Bronikowska, Marek Cecuła, Agnieszka Czop, Dbwt, Gogo Design, Paweł Grobelny, Paweł Grunert, Demalza Hill (UK), Anna Hrecka, Maciej Jurkowski, Kafti, Heiiki Kiiski (FIN), Silvia Knueppel (D), Kod Design, LaPolka, Sophie Lachaert i Luc d'Hanis (B) , Agnieszka Lasota, Malafor, Joana Meroz (NL), Moho, Moomoo Architects, Kinga Mostowik, Katarzyna Okińczyc, Tomasz Rudkiewicz, Tina Roeder (D), Joanna Rusin, Symbioza, Joanna Szachowska, Trzy Myszy, Marta Wojciechowska, Vis a Vis, Oskar Zięta.