po polsku

Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka

Who Are You? (2012)


The Who Are You? is a presentation of works by designers born between 1950-1985. They occupy themselves with different design disciplines, 2d and 3d. They live in different countries in Europe and worldwide. Yet all of them are somehow Polish, to what extent? - it is hard to tell. Their stories are different, as are their bonds with Poland. All of them were really enthusiastic about the idea of the exhibition, and started to analyze the Polish element in them. All of them are aware that it is impossible to give a straightforward answer to the question: ‘Who Are You?‘, because the identities sum up and multiply, and do not divide. And that the identity of a designer is even more complex.


Marta Bakowski, Chmara.Rosinke, Patrycja Domanska, Jadwiga Drewinski, Kiryk Drewinski, Lex Drewinski, Drzach&Suchy, Ida Dutka (IDAD), Aleksandra Gaca, Jan Hendzel (Hendzel & Hunt), Maria Jeglińska, Mariusz Malecki (Studio Ziben), Paulina Matusiak, Bartek Mejor, Agata Karolina Niemkiewicz (Studio Agata Karolina), Michael Okraj, Filip Pagowski, Monika Piatkowski, Justyna Popławska, Kamila Slocinska, Joanna Swistowski, Jo Szczepanska, Agata Wycichowska.

After being presented in Lodz, the exhibition was shown in the Regional Musuem in Stalowac Wola in spring 2013.